Sunshine and wacky videos!

Thank you for some amazing recordings! Wacky Video/Photo Time! 

Thanks to all of those of you who have sent in some great vocal recordings, pics and videos. The quality of singing is incredibly high this year!! 

The 'Sunshine'…

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VATW Goes Percussion and Dance Crazy in 2017

Percussion Crazy!
This year's project Sunshine - as you already know has a fairly high powered rhythm and backing. You will also have notice - because you are such astute musical-minded people, that there is an instrumental break section during…Read more

? Thanks to Steven Sugden for climbing Kilimanjaro!

Voices Around The World has many supporters, but none more so than Steven Sugden, who, back in September 2015 climbed Kilimanjaro to help raise funds for the children of Njombe. What an amazing effort raising £1800.  This money will be…Read more

New Song/Video Project for 2017 - Sunshine

We are getting 2017 off to a rip-roaring start with our new song/project release to schools. The song is entitled 'Sunshine' and has been written and produced by a team of up-and-coming young musicians from Bath Spa University, UK. As…

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