The Voices Around The World Fight Back Against The Corona Virus Campaign

If you have arrived at this page, many congratulations on being one of the brave teachers who is willing to take your students on a magical musical journey to fight back against this crazy corona virus using music. If we look around everywhere right now, we know we can see a lot of anxious and dispirited people, but with the help of your students, we can join together and make a truly joyful and uplifting music video that will light the spark of happiness for all those that watch it. So we really encourage you all to do your very best with both of the songs that are presented for you here. They have both been written especially for this project with these current times in mind. Pop legend Howard Jones has penned a very special and moving song, 'With This Hope In My Heart,' that I know your students will enjoy and the VATW team have written an anthem, 'We Are The Change,' because we feel that is exactly what your students will be moving forward - the agents of change to make this world a better place. We totally understand that recording their vocals is a pretty tricky thing to do at the moment and already, many schools have been submitting individual recordings rather than choir/group recordings - please email us at any time for advice if you need at We hope you enjoy using all of the free teaching resources - good luck with the work - Laurie and the VATW team.

TWO SONGS - We Are The Change and With This Hope In My Heart - Special Songs For Special Times!


    Two amazing new songs to learn. Click on the pictures to go to the resources page for these songs