Voices Around The World is a free project with a mission to help young people everywhere work together musically to Sing Out! Speak Out! And Change The World! This year the youngsters involved will be part of making an international release of the song 'Listen To Us' written especially for the project by Laurie Lewin. The project this year also involves a video making dimension - to record students' work on the song, their views about the future of the world and to show off their great dancing moves! Youth groups, schools and individuals are all welcome to participate. The song and videos will be released in June 2015.
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Worldwide release of 'Listen To Us!'



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The Main Components of the 'Listen To Us!' Project
  1. Rehearsing, recording and submitting vocals to be part of the international recording 
  2. Making and submitting a 20-30 second  of your students presenting their views about the vital actions needed to change the world 
  3. Making and submitting a short video of your students' dance sequence to go with 'Listen To Us!'
  4. Linking with/adopting/supporting a school/schools to work with you on the singing part of the project
  5. Making and submitting short video clips/photos of your students rehearsing, recording and/or performing the music
  6. Using the free  'Listen To Us' cross curricular teaching modules 
Hopefully you will manage to cover all six areas, but we understand some schools may only be able to involve themselves in some aspects. Naturally we especially want you to be involved in the main core activity - sending in your vocals to be part of the international recording. 

Hey what are we waiting for? LET'S GO!

Click here for the 'Listen To Us!' downloads page where you will find everything you will need for the project:
  • All the MP3 choir parts, the full demo version, the lyrics, all musical scores
  • The full instructions document for song recording and video making and how to submit materials.
  • The 'Listen To Us!' cross curricular teaching modules

New - Listen To Us Teaching Modules

We are especially grateful to colleagues at the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) who have written a full series of teaching modules to to go with this year's project. These resources, as with all other Voices Around The World resources are available to you to download free of charge. We are sure that many of you will have great times this academic year working on these materials. To download the IPC Listen To Us teaching modules click here

New! Get Yours students dancing

Below are the videos of the last two Voices Around The World (VATW) Projects:  VATW 2013/14 - Unshakeable. VATW 2012 - Building Our Own Future.  The VATW project in 2013/14 broke all records with nearly 4000 voices of young people from 42 countries joined together on the recording of Unshakeable.

The Unshakeable Release 2013/14

2012 - Building Our Own Future

Unshakeable Kent UK

Unshakeable Dubai

Unshakeable El Salvador

Unshakeable Georgia

Unshakeable - Korea

Unshakeable Latvia

VATW Album 2012-2014


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Watch this promo video to introduce yourself to this year's project theme 'Listen To Us!'
Watch this video to find out all about what's happening in this year's Voices Around The World Project - 'Listen To Us!'
Watch this video to find out all about what's happening in this year's Voices Around The World Project - 'Listen To Us!'
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